Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo :D


"Irina is the only woman in Cristiano’s life. They are always together, and when they are not, he always talk about her. Just look at him smile when he hears her name, and his eyes when he sees her. It’s a more serious relationship."

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Mi regalito para el Pipita en su cumple :D

Kaka answered me on Twitter.. I’m very excited *__* 

Kaka answered me on Twitter.. I’m very excited *__* 

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How mad was Kaká??? He’s defending his boy

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1 hour interview with Kaká - very interesting (in Portuguese).

When it came to Cristiano, Kaká even got angry.
I translated that part. Starting at 17:38:

Interv.: Do you also think Messi is the world-best player?
Kaká: World best player is very relative. It depends how you play within the team. I see him and Cristiano as the world-best players.

Interv.: … you and Cristiano are good friends …
Kaká: For the football of today, modern football, Cristiano is the most complete player of the world.

Interv.: … of the world? Seriously???
Kaká (slightly upset): Complete. He’s the most complete player of the world. He scores goals with the left foot, with the right, per header, free kick and much more.
Messi is excellent with all the genius he has.
But speaking about “complete” I think Cristiano is the more complete player.

Interv.: Filipao said, Cristiano’s dribblings and what he does on the pitch are the fruit of training, often extra training after the team sessions.
Kaká (very lively) That’s true. Behind our gym there is a little pitch. I see him often stay there after the training, playing around with the ball, making dribblings, trying out some things. Many times I saw that.

Interv. asks about Cristiano’s public image, being a diver, etc.
Kaká only laughs.
Interv: Once I spoke with Filipao that here in Brazil we think he is metro-sexual, flamboyant … and Filipao said “nothing of that. He is a good guy, I loved to have him in my national team. Those who say such things are only envious.”
Kaká (laughs, happy) He is a super guy, very nice. I like him very much. He’s a great person. A super guy. He is joking a lot, lives his life.

Interv.: But he’s different from you, you have only 1 woman, he’s single and has lots …
Kaká (laughing, shaking his head): No, he’s not single. He has a girlfriend, a Russian model, Irina. She’s more the calm type of woman.

Interv.: Kaká believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most complete player of the world
Kaká (quite angry): OK. This is my opinion. Because I am training with him every day. Tell me who is more complete than him?
Interv.: Messi is more complete …
Kaká (angry, interrupts him): Messi …
Interv.: Neymar is more complete …
Kaká (sarcastic): Oh, Neymar! How many free kick goals did he score this year?
Interv. …
Kaká: … how many with the head? 
And Messi, how many goals he scored with a header?
I don’t say “complete” means that one is better than the other. I’m talking about Cristiano being complete because he shoots equally well with the left or right foot, the free kicks that he shoots, all the rest …

Kaká praising and defending his Cristiano!

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CSM ,Si le doy.

Ah,yo lo odiaba al puto. Ahora le doy látigo hasta que me harte. 

Esta re dable este weon xdd



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Me mata esta ternuraa:


Fernando Torres being blessed by David Luiz. [x]

and then he scored 2 goals….

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Marcelo: ”Mr Joy” (with a Happy face)

Arbeloa: ”Congratulations, today you didn’t have osteoarthritis”

Xabi Alonso: ”Boludo pelotudo” (xD)

Pepe: ”It’s about time! Vinegar”

Iker: ”Congratulations”

Cristiano Ronaldo: ”Congratulations, my friend”

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All wearing uniforms make it look perfect.. *__* My Edit :D


Celebrating Cristiano’s goal!… OMG I want to eat him! *__*

I want a man like him… PLEASE! (perfection)

I want a man like him… PLEASE! (perfection)

Cris Junior playing with Irina’s phone!… (Look that smile)

Cris Junior playing with Irina’s phone!… (Look that smile)